Who we are

We are a leading independent full-service (media) music publishing company. Our portfolio includes more than 100 composers, authors, artists, sub-publishers, music production companies, music agency, and record companies from various genres. As their ultimate partner in the music industry, we are known for our expertise in maximizing global music rights, including neighboring rights, master rights, and copyrights. Our mission is to creatively support our partners and optimize their music rights. Think of us as your dedicated business ally in the music industry

Copyright Power International was established in 2000 by Edith Severs, whose career began at Buma/Stemra. She later served as a professional manager at Zomba Music Group, representing prominent acts like the Backstreet Boys, Iron Maiden, John Lee Hooker, and Britney Spears. Her role at Zomba was pivotal in developing global industry insights and connections. In the early years, we also developed the publishing catalog for Massive Music. Additionally, Edith has held key positions within the industry, including board chair of ‘Stichting Tune,’ vice-chair of the Dutch Music Publishers Association (NMUV), and member of the Supervisory Board of Buma/Stemra.

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Our Vision

At Copyright Power International, we advocate for the rights of music in both the digital and traditional realms, ensuring fair compensation. Our custom software, Royalty Power, provides a comprehensive overview of our clients’ needs, continually evolving to enhance our services. This dedication to digital innovation, support for music rights, and personalized client interaction is why they trust Copyright Power International. We utilize automation to safeguard and promote the interests of music in today’s ever-changing landscape.

How we work

Soon after our company started to grow we developed customized software, called Royalty Power. We have been continuously evolving  this program eversince. In this way we have a clear overview of all our clients. We also have our own lawyer who arranges all copyright matters of our clients. So we have all needed knowledge and experience  in our office and all of that against an attractive rate. Because of our way of working, we have built up a personal and transparent relationship with every customer over the years. We aim for reliable and neutral advice tailored to your needs. This is exactly why customers choose Copyright Power International.

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“CopyrightPower is een uitgever waar we al ruim 20 jaar mee werken. Toen we in 2000 voor CPI kozen wisten we al wel dat we een intermediair nodig hadden omdat de Buma veel laat liggen en dat het dus geld oplevert. Dat blijkt nog steeds het geval. Maar we hadden geen idee dat CPI nog zoveel meer doet dan auteursrechten innen.We kunnen altijd terecht voor vragen over Sena, music-clearance, samenwerkingen met andere partijen, juridische muziek vraagstukken, artiesten overeenkomsten, muziek promotie etc. etc.
De samenwerking is een partnership geworden waar we heel tevreden mee zijn. Kundige en fijne mensen om mee samen te werken. Ze zijn niet zwart / wit in hun aanpak en denken met je mee. Een betrouwbare partij is in de muziekwereld een must om met een goed gevoel zaken te kunnen doen.

Dat is ook een van de redenen waarom we, zonder twijfel, onze muziek delen voor hun liberry, een mooi initiatief.”

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